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Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

In the present time, an addiction to the alcohol has become a life threatening ailment which is adversely affecting the lives of many. So, if you are one of them who have developed the habit of drinking then understanding your options for the treatment is very important. Therefore, our Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai serves all our patients with the medical attention and support which most of the people are in need today. So, you can easily get your drinking problem under control with us by attaining our personalized services so that you can also reclaim your life.

We at our True Wing Foundation offers both the inpatient as well as the outpatient treatment. This is because both the treatments are good for the people who have developed a habit of excessive drinking but are not yet addicted to alcohol. People attracted towards the excess drinking can be the social drinkers also who drink more than they should and have difficulty in stopping it. Such sort of the people has more of emotional attachment to alcohol. Hence, these alcoholics must seek the treatment from us. As they have developed the stronger physical addiction to alcohol.

So, we are open to everyone who has been in the trap of the drugs and alcohols. These factors not only adversely affect the life of the patient rather also personally affect the life of their each family member. If you have such people near you or in your own family then, you can easily bring forth them to us and we promise to you with complete surety that we will completely transform their life from an addict to the normal person who can easily live and enjoy their life without any hassle. We work in close coordination with each addict for the sake of betterment in their behavior and fastest recovery as well.


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