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Rehabilitation Centre in Borivali

We have established our self so as to serve all our patients with complete opportunity so that they may step away from their routine daily life. By doing so we make sure that the recovery of an addict is done with complete attention. At our Rehabilitation Centre in Borivali, most of our luxurious facilities are built specifically for an addiction treatment as well as the features which are enlisted as follows:

Private villa accommodation
Swimming pools surrounded by tropical foliage
Spacious scenic beauty
Fitness center
Open-air spaces
Healthy and delicious cuisine
Peaceful meditation
Recreational centers

So, come and let our attentive staff put your mind at an ease while you focus completely on your fastest healing. For us, everyone is treated equally where we built the self-confidence, as confidence is our top most priority and we generate the same in every addict and resident. Here we guarantee 100% confidentiality and complete focus on the same as we believe generating the self-confidence in one itself generates him and leads an individual towards the feeling to live life happily. Enriched with the rich industrial experience, we are backed by the same guarantee that a panel of our skilled group members work in close coordination with each resident and recover them from the sickness with personal training and are now the counseling as well. Therefore, in addition to this, we incorporate the most effective aspects of the medicine as well as the healing practices in a programme which majorly focus on the individual counselling, extensive familial involvement, group therapy and a dedicated continuing care programme whose objective is to support the patient’s progress and also allows you to stay in touch with us, and your recovery peers.


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