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De-Addiction Centre in Bandra

True Wings Foundation De-Addiction Centre offers deaddiction and rehabilitation services to clients in Bandra and parts of Mumbai. We, De-Addiction Centre were founded with the aim of assisting clients and help them win their battle against addiction. De-Addiction Centre in Bandra provide deaddiction counselling for alcoholism, drug addiction, cigarette smoking, substance abuse, etc. We also offer residential rehabilitation programs. True Wings Foundation De-Addiction Centre in Bandra, Mumbai is a government approved De-Addiction Centre for alcohol & drug addicts. Contact us for any queries. Call: 8097963627 / 8108591151

Addiction is a major cause of morbidity and mortality all over the world. In India, there is a growing variety of substances people are getting addicted to. The impact of addiction on personal and professional life is substantial.

Common Addictions:
Alcohol, Tobacco (Nicotine), Illicit Drugs (Cannabis, Opium, Cocaine & Hallucinogens), Prescribed Medication (Benzodiazepines), Laxatives and Pain Medications.

Services Offered:
True Wings Foundation De-Addiction Centres are endeavouring to provide outpatients de-addiction services. This is a multidisciplinary approach whereby patients may be referred from any specialty. There also exists reciprocity where patients will be referred for appropriate medical care to the concerned specialties.

Leading an addiction-free lifestyle has numerous health benefits such as improved respiratory and cardiac function. It also allows you to feel more energetic and rebuild families & relationships.

Call: 8097963627 / 8108591151


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De-Addiction Centre in Bandra
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